Service support

In order to ensure that you can enjoy satisfactory after-sales service and better reflect the excellent performance and quality of Ouke small household appliances, we have prepared a nationwide after-sales service guide for you.

"Full service for you, sincere service" is our service brand. We hope that our high-quality products and good services can facilitate your life and help you succeed in your career.

When you go to OUKE authorized sales unit or shopping unit to seek service, please show OUKE small appliance warranty card and purchase invoice or valid certificate. Please be sure to keep OUKE warranty card properly.

Before using the product, please be sure to read the instruction manual in detail. If you have any problems in use, repair and maintenance, you are welcome to call our after-sales service hotline:


warranty period:

From the date of purchase, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year.



1. During the warranty period, OUKE will provide free warranty service for defects in materials or workmanship or quality problems. After the warranty period expires, OUKE's maintenance organization will provide paid maintenance services.

2. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty, and users will not be able to enjoy free warranty services. Please pay attention.

   A: The warranty expires.

   B: Without valid vouchers such as warranty card and purchase invoice.

   C: The content on the warranty card does not match the product's physical identification or is altered.

   D: Failure caused by non-OUKE company.

   E: All man-made damage (such as consumers dismantling the machine by themselves or repairing and refitting the machine by a non-OUKE authorized repair unit. Damage caused by transportation or other accidents, etc., which are not used, maintained, and maintained in accordance with the instructions.

   F: Caused by an irresistible natural disaster.

   G: The OUKE warranty card is incomplete without the sales unit's seal.

3. All parts replaced during maintenance belong to OUKE company.

4. All costs of sending the product to the OUKE maintenance unit shall be borne by the user.